Innovations gets Minimalist


Innovations San Diego WallcoveringsThe Innovations Design Studio looked to art for their spring collection—not just bold brush strokes and colorful patterns, but also the subtle beauty of Concrete Minimalism.

“What we appreciate about Minimalism is that it looks like there’s nothing that goes into it. But in a sense, everything goes into it. It’s everything and nothing,” said VP of Sales Michael Freedman.

The soothing, minimalist texture of Innovations’ new wallcovering Marmo is a study in the artistic process. The organic pattern originated in cloud formations, and with the application of paint on a plain weave of linen, evolved a marbleized, encaustic quality. Drawing from nature, and art, with a tone-on-tone palette that references the subtle colorations of Agnes Martin, 36-inch Marmo offers five, refined variations for the wall.

innovations wallcoverings san diego

[ Original images and content via Innovations USA ]

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