Our group is composed of a variety of companies all dedicated to the manufacturing and distribution of high end linen and linen products.

Our mission:
• Believe in linen, this is our passion.
• Make innovative & quality products and offer an excellent service.
• Create a good working environment, with respect and opportunities for every employee.
• Become a leader in ecology and sustainable development.
• Respect our own style: simplicity, nature, back to essentials.
• Combine high-tech manufacturing with creative and artisanal techniques.
• A long-term vision is possible thanks to our family shareholders.
• Profit is needed but is not our sole drive.
• New production methods respecting the environment and the UN Global Compact’s Ten Principles
• Communicate our values

Our companies:
Libeco-Lagae NV is located in Meulebeke, Belgium – a small village – between Bruges and the French border. This region has always been known for its flax culture and prosperous textile industry.

The company is a result of the merge of two traditional linen weavers: Libeco founded in 1864 and Lagae founded in 1858. Since the merge in 1997, the company has grown steadily and today accounts for more than 6o% of total Belgian linen production.

Libeco-Lagae Inc. is our company located in New York City servicing the Northern American market for Libeco Fabrics& Libeco Home

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