Maria Flora


We’re a spirited array of fabrics, named for two extraordinary women who gave us the wisdom, courage and inspiration to create this collection.We believe that a fabric is born from what you have inside; it’s the result of experiences, family traditions, recollections of a loving past and significant family bonds. For Mariaflora’s founder and designer, Filippo Uecher these memories and ties are deeply rooted in the character, strength and grace of his grandmother’s Flora and Maria.Mariaflora’s fabrics are made in Biella, Italy, in the beautiful foothills of the Biellese Alps, an area rich in the tradition of making fine textiles. Framed by high mountain pastures, and an abundant supply of fresh water, fed by rushing rivers, the Elvo, Oropa and Cervo, where exquisite fabrics have been produced since the 11th Century. To honor this tradition, the home of Mariaflora is here, in an early nineteenth century building in an old weaving village.

And so, we are pleased to bring you Mariaflora. Smart and refined fabrics for outdoor and indoor use. Perfect for hotels and homes in bustling cities and quiet towns. For poolsides, backyards.

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