Meva International Casegoods

Meva International
Founded in 2001, at Meva, we recognize it is every company’s responsibility to operate in a manner that is respectful of people and the planet, while striving to aid in a greater global economy. We currently employ of over 2000 dedicated employees at our factory located overseas, as well as our ever growing our staff here in the U.S.
Our emphasis at Meva, is given to solid and reclaimed wood construction, while minimizing the use of adhesives and other additives. We remain passionate about using eco-friendly techniques and materials throughout the construction process of our furniture. It is our mission to constantly work toward improvements in reduction of waste, preserving history and giving back to our planet. Vigilantly, we select and utilize only the best sustainable farmstead growth trees and reclaimed metals and woods in our collections. Our efforts in preserving the integrity and unique characteristics of these repurposed materials, allows each item to tell a story all its own. Known in the industry for our high-quality and thoughtfully designed products. Meva maintains a personalized approach to business and remains active in new product development. Introducing an expansion of inspired, reclaimed and eco-friendly items every year ensures we keep the line fresh and exciting. We, at Meva, remain focused in supplying our dealers of all sizes with an array of quality products with exceptional price points and premiere customer service.  
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