Patagonia Trading Co.

Patagonia Trading Co.

Patagonia Home  specializes in the art and assembly of exotic wood furniture and stylish upholstery pieces designed for a diverse clientele base all over the world. Based in Los Angeles and owned by designer Edward Guerrero, the boutique company’s unique custom designs encompass a wide range of sought-after styles from classic to modern to “Old Hollywood” and Art Deco pieces that easily fit into any decor.

Patagonia Trading Company was first started by Edward Guerrero in the late 1990s as a case goods manufacturer specializing in Mahogony and other exotic woods pieces.

All of the company’s upholstery pieces are bench made and manufactured on site in Los Angeles, and more and more of its case goods are now also manufactured in the U.S.—a fact the company is extremely proud of.

Appreciated as much for its accommodating, easy-going company attitude as its can-do design savvy, Patagonia Trading Company is dedicated to creating the best possible experience for its family of retailer, designer and architect clients and offers the best customer service and products available. A wide array of sales and marketing tools is available to help its customers grow their business with the Patagonia line. Patagonia Trading Company is committed to delivering top satisfaction in all levels of its business and is devoted to building and nurturing long-term relationships with its clients so that they continue to grow along with the company.

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