Visit Dorothy Draper in the “Cloffice”

Natasha Minasian

If you happened to be one of the people who made it to the Christopher Kennedy Compound in Palm Springs during Modernism 2017 recently, then you most likely saw the combination closet/office (“Cloffice”) Natasha Minasian designed for media darling Kelly Golightly.

Anchored by Dorothy Draper’s stunning “Brazilliance” wallpaper, Minasian’s bright festive space was a highlight of this year’s experience. Visitors to the space were also swooning over the Interlude glass and lucite desk, as well as the plush “Lana” swivel chairs from Patagonia Home (both available here at DRC!)

If by chance, you didn’t make it this year, we’ve posted a video tour and some photographs to show you more of this exciting space!






[ Photography and video by J. Rockwell Seebach. Natasha Minasian photographed by Molly Hauge ]

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