What’s Hot Now: Samuel & Sons Fall Collections

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What’s hot now? Simply the latest collections from the masters at Samuel & Sons! With a host of inspired designs, here is a preview of what is to come.


Trim Interior Design San DiegoSaisons

Luxury performance combined with innovative constructions, design and colors make the Saisons collection truly extraordinary. Patterns take their form through a variety of complex constructions which use multiple weaving techniques to create either dimension or saturation in rendering. Saisons offers a comprehensive color selection within the neutral, mid-tone and bright palettes of today’s global aesthetic.

Samuel & Sons San DiegoLa Terre

La Terre is a collection of organically inspired passementerie woven of the finest denier linens and luxurious cottons. The ethos of this collection lies in its purity and understated elegance. Linen embodies a textural richness that’s unparalleled and timeless; therefore, the collection incorporates sophisticated cords, gimps, borders and fringes. The subtle hues of La Terre reside within canvas, dune, flax and sea mist, all earthen in origin.

interior design showroom san diegoLe Soir

Le Soir, meaning evening, is an ensemble of 8 hand printed, silk satin borders. Its color story draws inspiration from the moments between day and night where light renders a vista of color on the horizon. Hand printed on 3″ silk satin borders, this color story takes form as an ikat pattern. Ikats, which have been in existence for centuries, are rooted in cultures from Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Guatemala, Turkey, and India.

To learn more about this season’s chicest collection of trim, please visit the DRC showroom or contact Fabric@drcsandiego.com!

[ Original Images and Content via Samuel & Sons ]

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